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Precision mechanical machning 

we are

BO-PI was established in the early 1980s as a modest family business.


Thanks to the tireless efforts of its founders, it has experienced considerable growth over the years in terms of both human resources and instrumentation and technological expertise.


we do


laser cut

The laser cutting technology, which we masterfully employ, allows us to achieve flawless edges without burrs. It also ensures limited thermal alteration of the material and machining tolerances on the order of +/-0.1 mm.


These features contribute to the creation of the highest quality products, reflecting our constant pursuit of excellence in meeting our customers' needs.


We do metal bending using numerically controlled press brakes: the precision of the programming and the efficiency of the machine allow us to achieve excellent results in any type of processing.

A wide variety of metals are easily pressed and bent according to the customer's needs, and it is this versatility that makes bending one of the most widely used processes.



Our laboratory has many years of experience in the field of welding and precision mechanics. We perform certified and tight welds, which can be performed for various products, on different substrates and with different available methodologies.

mechanical processing

We mainly carry out contract machining on machine tools for engineering industries. 


In particular, machining in general is carried out by means of the latest technologies in the company: chip removal, stamping, sheet metal machining and plastic machining.

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