Laser cutting

Laser cutting at optical fiber up to 20 mm of iron and 10 mm stainless steel

As well as cutting operations through the most suitable technology to the single product, BO-PI GROUP srl is able to manage the other processing (different from laser cutting) necessary to obtain the finished product: re-profiles, slab milling, bending, drilling etc.

Laser cutting is a technology that allows to obtain edges without smudging, a reduced thermal alteration of the material and working tolerances of the order of +/- 0,1mm.

Laser Cutting Machine Trumpf trulaser 3030

The laser cutting machine TruLaser 3030 unifies innovative technologies and high laser power to a new design concept and optimized commands.

Laser Cutting Machine Trumpf Trulaser 5030

The laser cutting machine TruLaser 5030 fiber offers highly productive machining solutions with solid state lasers. It’s possible to obtain an excellent quality of the pieces not only with thin sheets but also with high thickness sheets.

Laser Cutting Machine Giotto High Technology

Machine for machining flat sheets by means of laser technology, characterized by the high precision in processing step compared to the standard in use.