Bending lengths up to 3000 mm and thicknesses up to 10 mm

The company deals with the bending of different type of metals, using CNC forming presses.
The accuracy of the programming and the efficiency of the machine allow to obtain excellent results in any kind of working.
Different type of metals are easily pressed and bent in order of customer needs; and it is this versatility to make the bending one of the most used process by the BO-PI GROUP.

Bending Machine Gasparini Mod. PBS 105

synchronized Hydraulics, recess 410 mm, light between the tables 400 mm, stroke cylinders 200 mm, synchronized 4 axes Y1-Y2-XR, 2D graphic numerical control DELEM DA64, motorized backgauge 2 axes, camber managed cnc hydraulic, multibeam and laser photocells DSP.

Bending Machine TRUMPF Trubend 5085

The machines TRUMPF TruBend Series 5000 combine innovative technology and precision. The backgauge variables systems allow unproblematic processing of wide ranges of pieces. The whole process that goes from the programming, to tooling stages until the final bending is highly productive.